The days were days of war. The train raced eastwards across the German landscape rattling and creaking along on its tracks, heading east. Curiously, one of the train carriages is sealed off, closed from the world and locked tight. With the precaution one would afford to a pandemic on the magnitude of the Black Death.

And for good reason.

If you had the occasion to peak into that sealed train carriage you would have seen a somewhat short man, with a receding hairline, a bushy mustache and a trimmed goatee beard, napping, curled up into his coat, and if you had the ability to peer even closer to see what lurked within the mind of that man you would find the Virus, which the germans were only so glad to send off to their enemies in the east, in the hopes that it might weaken their enemy from within. Once they managed to sneak that man into enemy territory the results were swift and deadly, way beyond their wildest dreams.

Within Months the enemy of the Germans, the Russian empire, collapsed into oblivion. Taken over from within by the contortions of a vicious murderous civil war, driven by those whom came into contact with that short man, who either got infected with the deadly virus and joined his ranks, or got liquidated.

That virus spread quickly and violently. Thriving ravenously upon fear. Fear of being purged, fear of being castigated, fear of being sent away for ‘reeducation’, and more than anything else — by the intolerable fear of the infected. The fear of finding out that they had become the very monster, that before existed only in their imaginations.

That disease has several names, Marxism , Communism are the ones it is most known for. And it kept on spreading world wide, like the Metastasis spread of cancer, it spread to China, to Vietnam, to Korea, to Cambodia, farther and father it spread across the world, from Africa, to the middle east, across South America and in Europe the pandemic spread. And everywhere it went, the virus left strewn behind it a trail of blood, an ever growing mountain of bodies, the blood sacrifice to the newly reincarnated demon god of Moloch. Millions upon millions upon millions of bodies.

And today, this cancer is sending its tendrils into its archenemy, the bastion of freedom and decency in the world, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Our nation is being silently, quietly infected from within. The virus has spread by whispering its deceitful promises into the ears of the young and gullible, bribing the older and jaded. And it is rapidly taking over the central levers of control of our nation; our media, our education, our communications, our research, out technology sector and our mechanisms of government.

We are standing on the brink of a precipice, and if we slip, then it might be a long time indeed till we rise back up from that dark night.

And yet, there is yet hope. For there is an antidote, this virus has a weakness.

This virus is terrified of the light. It cannot withstand when the light of truth shines upon it. When it is exposed, in it’s bitterness, it’s malevolence, it’s deep rooted resentment, when people see the truth, that what drives this virus is not love but hate — it withers away and loses its power. When enough people rise and speak the truth — ‘This is wrong. This is bad. This is not freedom. This is not the United states of America. And we won’t have it — When we unite in calling it out the farcical pretense of the people afflicted with this disease in pretending that they are being virtuous, when their misbehavior in fact epitomes the highest peak of corruption of the human spirit. — Then the virus will shrivel up and slink away dejected, powerless. Like the playground bully to whom someone finally stood up, and in an instant all could see behind their show of force there was always nothing but an empty impotent void.

This is why the virus defends itself with lies; Strength is weakness. Speech is violence. Violence is virtue. The virtuous are evil. Evil is virtuous… On and on Ad infinitum the people afflicted with this virus will repeat their lies again and again and again. Following the guidance of an evil man who said that “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

And yet, the opposite is also true, for If you repeat the truth often enough, then people will no longer believe the Lie.

This administration of the vaccine, the Truth, demands courage.

Courage can save us. We must reach down into the depth of our hearts and find the courage to speak up. The Virus spreads quickly and unchallenged because we are divided by fear, afraid of being shamed, of being ostracized, of being mobbed. In our silence, we do not know that we are not alone, and the virus can pick us off one by one.

We must find courage. United we can stand up to this virus, but only if we find the courage to stand up against it — And courageously shed the light of truth on it.

In another time and place, a wise and brave man tried to warn his nation from another evil that was growing powerful undisturbed;

“We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feeling is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a little later on even more adverse terms than at present.”

-Winston Churchill

We can choose to stand up bravely against this virus, this evil tyranny taking over our nation, and courageously call it out for what it is — an evil, despicable disease of the mind. Promising heaven and delivering hell.

No doubt, it will cost us, it will be painful, we will have to sacrifice, the inflicted mob, like an army of zombies will try to silence us.


If we fail to find the necessary courage in our hearts, then we will only be postponing the inevitable.

The mob, driven to a murderous rage wrapped in a disguise of virtue, will sooner or later come for all of us regardless. The longer we wait, the deeper choke hold this cancer will have around the throat of our Nation, and the costlier will be the price we will have to pay for our freedom.

Reach into your heart. Find courage, speak the truth.

You are not alone.

God bless America. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

I strive to tell truthful stories reflecting the beauty and ugliness of humanity which I love