Given freely, easily lost, extremely hard to restore.

I am not omniscient enough to know whether there was enough widespread voter fraud to have handed Joe Biden the election. Although I have seen enough evidence to convince me that there definitely was voter fraud, and that it was much more prevalent than the MSM (mainstream media) would have its viewers believe.

The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Conservative News Sites Fuel Voter Fraud Misinformation

Tapper: Trump can lie on Twitter, but judges need facts

‘Voter fraud’ claims are a racist attack on Black voters so let’s act like it

The message that the mainstream media news outlets keep on pumping out is That there is no widespread evidence that voter fraud has affected the elections. And that if a conservative (or god forbid a liberal) even dares take interest in the matter it is proof positive that they are deplorable at best.

That narrative is…

The days were days of war. The train raced eastwards across the German landscape rattling and creaking along on its tracks, heading east. Curiously, one of the train carriages is sealed off, closed from the world and locked tight. With the precaution one would afford to a pandemic on the magnitude of the Black Death.

And for good reason.

If you had the occasion to peak into that sealed train carriage you would have seen a somewhat short man, with a receding hairline, a bushy mustache and a trimmed goatee beard, napping, curled up into his coat, and if you…

Imagine a dark and stormy night, the rain is pouring down in an unrelenting blinding sheet, you’re straining at the wheel trying to pierce through the thick downpour, your headlights’ trying uselessly to make sense of what’s in front. Suddenly something darts in front of your car, and you tug violently at the wheel, everything slows, a moment frozen in time and you realize that you’ve tugged too hard, the road is too slippery, the shadow you imagined disappears like a wisp. You are about to lose control. How did you get here?

Wisps of a shower

Standing in what will soon be a shower, probably one of the most intimate parts of a person’s home, but it is not a shower just yet. As of now it’s still just a frame, we are in the middle of a gut renovation, the cement board walls are still open on the one side. In my mind’s eye I can see the unfolding future, How the walls will close to conceal the guts of the house; the plumbing, the insulation, and the electrical — my own piece in this symphony of creation.

I pause my busy hands, from their…

A playground, and a bunch of kids happily running about, busily being children.

One of them, decides to try his hand at climbing on the outer side of the play structure, something the designer clearly never intended. A concerned mommy takes a stab at keeping the little adventurer on the beaten path — “Look what your son is doing!” she complains to me, “He may fall” she adds just in case I missed the implication of imminent danger.

“Well”, says I somewhat nonchalantly “I figure if he does, he’ll probably learn something”.

Growing up is a challenging, complex business. It…

Somewhere, an hourglass stands. Grains of sand slip down from the top, one at a time..


The ear shattering wail of the siren rips through the base, in about 30 seconds the first shells will start landing all around us. A short distance away several tanks rest in an open building. We break into a run.


Most people are afraid of death, and that it is entirely understandable. Fearing death enough to take precautions to prevent it is necessary. …

“From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.”

- Karl Marx

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

- George Orwell

400 grams of bread a day. Which is approximately one thousand calories a day. That was my Deda’s (grandpa, in Russian) daily allotment of calories.

Health.Gov lists the necessary daily caloric intake of physically active fifteen-year-old males as 2600–3000 calories.

Deda was fifteen years old. It was Barnaul, Siberia 1941.


He could not think of anything but food for four years straight. He would think…

When I was in basic training, I had a somewhat unusual event. On a faraway base, planted in a yellowish dessert background. Somehow in the middle of another ordinary day of running to and fro, dropping down for 20 (or more), shouting “Yes drill sergeant” and “No drill sergeant” with my fellow raggedy looking, freshly minted recruits I came across, of all things a wounded falcon.

Somehow or other this poor fellow had gotten broken a big gaping hole in his wing. You could clearly see his broken bones through the hole. Needless to say, he was extremely miserable. The…

The Jewish calendar year starts in Autumn, in an somewhat odd fashion.

The 1st 10 days of the Jewish calendar year are called The 10 days of repentance (Aseret Yamei Thsuva).

These 10 days start with the Jewish new Year, which is called Rosh Hashanah. Which literally means “The head of the year”. And this period ends on Yom Kippur which literally means “The day of atonement” and is considered the holiest day of the Jewish Year, celebrated with a 25 hour fast and day long praying in synagogue.

The word for Year in Hebrew (Shana) shares the same root…

Tomer Applebaum

I strive to tell truthful stories reflecting the beauty and ugliness of humanity which I love

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